Whirlpool WED6605MW Dryer Common Problems and Troubleshooting

If you’re a proud owner of the Whirlpool WED6605MW Dryer, you know the value of its cutting-edge features and exceptional performance. However, like any appliance, it might encounter issues over time. This guide is crafted to help you navigate through common problems and their troubleshooting for your specific model. Dive in to discover effective solutions!

Whirlpool WED6605MW Dryer Overview

Product Description

The Whirlpool WED6605MW Dryer is a high-performing electric dryer equipped with an array of innovative features. It offers a range of 37 dryer cycles and 5 dryer options, providing versatility in drying various fabrics and loads. With 7 temperature settings, including High, Medium, Low, Extra Low, and Air Only, this dryer caters to different drying needs.


The dryer boasts advanced moisture sensing technology, Wrinkle Shield™ Plus Option with Steam, a Steam Refresh Cycle, and an EcoBoost™ Option for efficient energy consumption. Other notable features include the Sanitize Cycle, Static Reduce Option, Quad Baffles for enhanced efficiency, and intuitive controls offering up to 36 settings for optimal fabric care.

Dimensions of the Whirlpool WED6605MW Dryer include a depth of 31″, a height of 38 1/8″, and a width of 27″. It weighs 140 lb. and is ENERGY STAR® Certified for energy efficiency.

Advanced Moisture SensingThree sensors offer added protection against overdrying by tracking both moisture and temperature to adapt drying times and end the cycle at just the right time.
Wrinkle Shield™ Plus Option with SteamIt uses tumbling and steam for up to 150 minutes after the cycle ends or until you open the dryer door for improved wrinkle-fighting performance.
Steam Refresh CycleRelease wrinkles and reduce odors with the Steam Refresh Cycle. It uses water and heat to get clothes ready to wear without rewashing.
EcoBoost™ OptionUse less energy* while bringing excellent drying performance with the EcoBoost™ option. This option reduces energy consumption by decreasing heat and extending cycle time.
Sanitize CycleThe Sanitize cycle cares for clothes while eliminating 99.9% of common household bacteria**.
Static Reduce OptionHelp decrease static with the Static Reduce Option, which combines a spray of mist with tumbling after the load is dry.
Quad BafflesFour baffles tumble the clothes in irregular movements, allowing them to move more freely. This increases the efficiency of the dryer for small loads.
Intuitive ControlsLet the dryer guide you to choose the right cycle, or customize up to 36 settings to get the optimal care for the type of fabric you’re drying.
7.4 cu. ft. CapacityGet plenty of room to dry the large loads you washed in the matching front load washer. This 7.4 cu. ft. dryer easily handles bulky items like comforters and sleeping bags.
Other Features37 Dry Cycles
Closet-Depth Fit
Reversible Door
Laundry Pedestal Compatible – Sold Separately
Note*Savings may vary by load type.
**Bacteria tested were K. pneumoniae, P. aeruginosa, S. aureus.
Fuel TypeElectric
Number of Dryer Cycles37
Number of Dryer Options5
Number of Temperatures7
Temperature SelectionHigh, Medium, Low, Extra Low, Air Only
Automatic Temperature ControlsYes
Cycle Time RemainingYes
Quad BafflesYes
Lint Screen LocationFront
Reversible DoorYes
Height38 1/8″
Door Opening Width25 69/100″
Gross Weight140 lb.
Energy Star® QualifiedENERGY STAR® Certified

Causes of Common Problems with the Whirlpool WED6605MW Dryer

Discover the reasons behind common issues experienced with the Whirlpool WED6605MW Dryer and explore effective troubleshooting solutions in the subsequent sections.

Common Problems with Whirlpool WED6605MW Electric Dryer

1. Overdrying Clothes

Description: The dryer tends to overdry clothes, resulting in shrinkage or damage.

Cause: Overuse of the Automatic Temperature Controls or prolonged cycle duration.

Troubleshooting: Ensure proper selection of drying cycle according to fabric type and avoid excessively long drying cycles. Check and adjust the Automatic Temperature Controls if necessary.

2. Wrinkled Garments After Drying

Description: Clothes come out wrinkled despite utilizing the Wrinkle Shield™ Plus Option with Steam.

Cause: Insufficient use of steam or overloading the dryer.

Troubleshooting: Try using the Wrinkle Shield™ Plus Option with Steam for an extended period if wrinkles persist. Ensure not to overload the dryer, allowing clothes to tumble freely for better wrinkle reduction.

3. Unpleasant Odors in Dried Clothes

Description: Dried clothes retain unpleasant odors even after completion of the cycle.

Cause: Inadequate cleaning of the lint screen or prolonged storage of damp clothes inside the dryer.

Troubleshooting: Regularly clean the lint screen before each drying cycle. Avoid leaving damp clothes in the dryer after the cycle ends; promptly remove and air them.

4. Dryer Not Heating Up

Description: The dryer fails to produce heat during operation, leaving clothes damp.

Cause: Faulty heating element or tripped circuit breaker.

Troubleshooting: Check for tripped circuit breakers and reset if needed. If the issue persists, inspect the heating element for any damage or malfunction. Seek professional assistance if necessary.

5. Excessive Noise During Operation

Description: The dryer generates unusual or loud noises while in use.

Cause: Loose parts, worn-out drum support rollers, or foreign objects inside the dryer.

Troubleshooting: Inspect the dryer for loose or damaged parts. Clean the interior to remove any foreign objects. Replace worn-out drum support rollers if necessary. If the noise persists, consult a technician.

6. Uneven Drying of Clothes

Description: Some areas of the clothes remain damp while others are overly dry after a drying cycle.

Cause: Overloading the dryer, clogged venting, or improper arrangement of clothes.

Troubleshooting: Ensure even loading of clothes, allowing them to tumble freely. Check and clean the venting system to ensure proper airflow. Shake out and properly arrange the clothes before starting the cycle.

7. Dryer Fails to Start

Description: The dryer does not initiate its cycle when the start button is pressed.

Cause: Faulty door switch, power supply issues, or control board malfunction.

Troubleshooting: Ensure the door is fully closed and the dryer is plugged in and receiving power. Check the door switch for any damage or defects. If everything seems in order, it might require professional inspection of the control board.

8. Excessive Heat Inside the Dryer

Description: The interior of the dryer becomes excessively hot during operation.

Cause: Restricted airflow due to a clogged lint screen or vent, or malfunctioning thermostat.

Troubleshooting: Clean the lint screen and vent thoroughly to ensure proper airflow. If the issue persists, the thermostat might need replacement or recalibration by a professional.

9. Dryer Stops Mid-Cycle

Description: The dryer stops operating before completing the full drying cycle.

Cause: Overheating due to poor ventilation, defective thermostat, or malfunctioning timer.

Troubleshooting: Ensure proper ventilation by cleaning the lint screen and vent. Check the thermostat and timer for defects or malfunctions. Reset the dryer and start a new cycle. If the problem persists, seek professional help.

10. Error Messages on Display

Description: Error codes or messages appear on the display panel during operation.

Cause: Internal sensor issues, electrical faults, or component malfunctions.

Troubleshooting: Refer to the user manual for specific error code explanations and troubleshooting steps. Try resetting the dryer by unplugging it for a few minutes before restarting. If the error persists, contact customer support or a technician for assistance.

11. Clothes Taking Longer to Dry

Description: Clothes require multiple cycles to dry completely.

Cause: Clogged venting, improper dryer settings, or overloaded dryer.

Troubleshooting: Check and clean the venting system for any obstructions. Ensure the appropriate drying cycle and temperature setting are selected for the load. Avoid overloading the dryer to allow proper air circulation.

12. Foul Odors Emitting from Dryer

Description: The dryer emits unpleasant odors during operation.

Cause: Accumulated lint or debris inside the dryer or vent.

Troubleshooting: Thoroughly clean the interior of the dryer, including the drum and venting system. Run a cycle with a small amount of vinegar or a dryer cleaning solution to eliminate odors.

13. Noisy or Squeaky Operation

Description: The dryer produces loud noises or squeaks during operation.

Cause: Worn-out or damaged dryer belt or bearings.

Troubleshooting: Inspect the dryer belt and bearings for signs of wear or damage. Replace worn-out parts to resolve the noise issue.

14. Timer Not Advancing

Description: The timer on the dryer does not progress through the cycle.

Cause: Defective timer motor or malfunctioning control board.

Troubleshooting: Check the timer motor for any faults or defects. If the motor seems fine, it might be an issue with the control board. Consult a technician for further diagnosis and repair.

15. Dryer Not Shutting Off

Description: The dryer continues to run even after the cycle has finished.

Cause: Stuck relay on the control board or faulty timer.

Troubleshooting: Attempt to reset the dryer by unplugging it for a few minutes. If it continues to run, the control board or timer might need replacement. Seek professional assistance for proper diagnosis and repair.

16. Excessive Vibration or Shaking

Description: The dryer vibrates excessively or shakes during operation.

Cause: Unbalanced load, worn-out drum support rollers, or uneven flooring.

Troubleshooting: Ensure even distribution of clothes inside the dryer for a balanced load. Check and replace worn-out drum support rollers if necessary. Install the dryer on a level surface to minimize vibrations.

17. Burnt Smell During Operation

Description: A burnt odor emits from the dryer during use.

Cause: Overheating due to lint accumulation near the heating element or damaged wiring.

Troubleshooting: Turn off the dryer immediately and unplug it. Inspect the heating element for lint buildup and clean it thoroughly. Check the wiring for any signs of damage or wear. If the issue persists, seek professional help.

18. Inaccurate Drying Times

Description: The displayed drying times do not match the actual drying duration.

Cause: Sensor malfunction or irregularities in load composition.

Troubleshooting: Clean the moisture sensors and ensure they are free from lint or debris. Avoid mixing heavy and lightweight items in the same load, as this might affect sensor accuracy. Consider manually adjusting the drying time for better results.

19. Door Won’t Close Properly

Description: The dryer door does not close or latch securely.

Cause: Misaligned door, damaged latch, or obstructed door seal.

Troubleshooting: Check for any obstructions or debris on the door seal and clean if necessary. Adjust the door alignment or replace a damaged latch to ensure a proper closure.

20. Display Panel Not Functioning

Description: The display panel does not respond or show any information.

Cause: Electrical issues, faulty control board, or disconnected wiring.

Troubleshooting: Check the power supply and ensure the dryer is receiving electricity. Inspect the control board for any visible damage or loose connections. If no visible issues are found, contact a technician for further diagnosis.

21. Constant Tripping of Circuit Breaker

Description: The dryer consistently causes the circuit breaker to trip.

Cause: Overloaded circuit, faulty electrical components, or short circuits.

Troubleshooting: Ensure the dryer is plugged into a dedicated circuit and not overloaded. Check for damaged or frayed power cords. If the issue persists, contact an electrician to inspect the electrical system.

22. Excessive Condensation Inside Dryer

Description: Moisture accumulates excessively inside the dryer during operation.

Cause: Improper ventilation, high humidity in the environment, or a faulty door seal.

Troubleshooting: Check and clean the venting system to ensure proper airflow. Monitor the humidity levels in the laundry area. Inspect and clean the door seal for any damage or obstruction.

23. Dryer Not Spinning/Tumbling

Description: The dryer drum fails to rotate during operation.

Cause: Broken drive belt, malfunctioning motor, or damaged idler pulley.

Troubleshooting: Inspect the drive belt for any signs of breakage or damage; replace if necessary. Check the motor and idler pulley for faults or defects. Seek professional assistance if required.

24. Intermittent Heating

Description: The dryer heats inconsistently during cycles.

Cause: Partially blocked vent, malfunctioning thermostat, or damaged heating element.

Troubleshooting: Ensure the venting system is clear of obstructions. Test and replace a faulty thermostat or heating element. Clean the lint screen and vent thoroughly to ensure proper airflow.

25. Unresponsive Controls

Description: The controls on the dryer do not respond to user inputs.

Cause: Control panel malfunction, wiring issues, or control board failure.

Troubleshooting: Check for any visible damage or loose connections in the control panel. Perform a power cycle by unplugging the dryer for a few minutes. If the issue persists, contact a technician for further diagnosis.

Whirlpool WED6605MW Dryer User Reviews

Positive Reviews from Whirlpool WED6605MW Electric Dryer Users

Users of the Whirlpool WED6605MW Electric Dryer have shared positive experiences, highlighting various aspects that enhanced their laundry routines. Here are some summarized positive experiences:

  • Some users were satisfied with the efficient drying capabilities of the Whirlpool WED6605MW Electric Dryer, citing its ability to dry clothes thoroughly and quickly.
  • Several users appreciated the range of drying options available, noting the diverse settings that catered to different fabric types and laundry needs.
  • Many users praised the spaciousness of the dryer, indicating it accommodated large loads easily, such as comforters and bulky items, without compromising efficiency.
  • There was positive feedback regarding the ease of use and intuitive controls of the dryer, making it convenient for various users to operate and customize settings.
  • Users also expressed satisfaction with the durability and quality of the appliance, citing its reliability and long-lasting performance.

Overall, customers found the Whirlpool WED6605MW Electric Dryer to be an efficient, versatile, and user-friendly appliance that significantly contributed to a positive laundry experience.

Negative User Reviews of the Whirlpool WED6605MW Electric Dryer

Below are summarized negative experiences reported by users of the Whirlpool WED6605MW Electric Dryer:

  • Lemon law: Some users encountered early issues with the thermostat, leading to breakdown within the first week. Repair attempts failed due to a lack of parts, rendering the dryer inoperable.
  • Disappointing features: Users were dismayed by the requirement to connect the dryer to water for certain functions like the wrinkle shield and steam. Additionally, the sensor inaccurately detected dryness, causing frustration.
  • Lighting concerns: Lack of an interior light inside the dryer was a significant drawback for users. It made it challenging to determine whether the dryer was empty or not, impacting usability.
  • Operational issues: Users found the dryer’s settings not user-friendly and the absence of a visible light inside problematic. The very soft end-of-cycle signal and preference for previous model settings were highlighted as disappointments.
  • Stacking problems: In a stacked washer and dryer setup, steam from the washer caused mist inside the dryer’s door, and users experienced inefficiency in drying even light loads, needing repeated timed drying settings.

These issues encompass concerns related to functionality, usability, and technical aspects reported by users of the Whirlpool WED6605MW Electric Dryer.

Despite these reported issues, the majority of users expressed satisfaction with the Whirlpool WED6605MW Electric Dryer.

Whirlpool WED6605MW Dryer Manual

The operating instructions for the Whirlpool WED6605MW Electric Dryer can be found on the Whirlpool official website.

Whirlpool WED6605MW Electric Dryer Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I resolve thermostat issues in the Whirlpool WED6605MW Electric Dryer?

Thermostat issues may require professional diagnosis and repair. Ensure the dryer is disconnected from power and contact Whirlpool customer service or a certified technician for assistance.

2. Why does the dryer sensor not accurately detect dryness?

Inaccurate sensor readings may result from various factors. Ensure proper loading, avoid overloading, and clean the moisture sensor. Refer to the manual for instructions on sensor maintenance or contact Whirlpool customer service for further guidance.

3. How can I address mist inside the dryer door in a stacked washer and dryer setup?

If mist inside the dryer door occurs in a stacked setup, ensure proper installation according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Also, consider adjusting the ventilation and maintaining adequate space between the appliances. Contact Whirlpool customer service or a professional installer for assistance if needed.


For any issues with the Whirlpool WED6605MW Electric Dryer, it is recommended to refer to the manual, contact customer service, or seek assistance from an authorized service center for troubleshooting and resolution.

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